Editorial Guidelines and Ethical Standards


Publishing Principles

Our practice’s blog stands as a beacon for mental health information. We aim to enlighten and support our readers actively. Rigorous research and expert review underpin our content, drawing from peer-reviewed studies and established mental health authorities. We cover various topics, from innovative therapy techniques to mental health awareness, serving individuals and professionals alike.

Ownership / Funding Info

Holding Hope, a privately owned therapy practice, thrives on the services we provide our clients. Our blog upholds editorial independence. External influences such as grants, advertisements, or sponsorships do not sway our content. If we ever present sponsored content, we will clearly and openly label it to ensure our readers and clients know.

Actionable Feedback Policy

We value communication highly and encourage feedback from our clients and readers. We collect insights through surveys, blog comments, and direct emails. This feedback steers our service improvement and content revision, allowing us to address concerns quickly and transparently.

Corrections Policy

We prioritize integrity in our published content. When inaccuracies surface, we act swiftly to correct them. We clearly note corrections within the content, adding dates for transparency. We publish retractions or clarifications for significant errors and appreciate our readers’ help in maintaining accuracy.

Ethics Policy

Our therapists follow the AAMFT Code of Ethics closely, ensuring confidentiality, professionalism, and proper client-therapist relationships. We engage in ongoing training to meet ethical standards and provide the highest care level. Our ethical framework guides every interaction within therapy sessions and our broader community engagements.

Diversity Policy

Diversity and inclusivity form the foundation of our practice. We strive for a content representation that mirrors our clients’ varied experiences and backgrounds. Furthermore, our hiring practices aim to assemble a diverse team that brings numerous cultural, orientation, and perspective shifts, enhancing the therapy we deliver.