Who we are shapes our journey together.

Finding the right Therapist in New York City can make all the difference in your journey. Discover how Holding Hope is more than a team of expert therapists – we’re a family. Tap into the power of collective wisdom, and experience how our unique approach can support your journey towards personal growth and transformation.

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Our guiding principles

Empathy & Compassion

At the heart of our practice is a deep understanding and connection with our clients’ emotions. Our NYC-based therapists offer genuine compassion in each session, ensuring you feel valued and supported throughout your journey.

Growth & Self-Discovery

Our goal at Holding Hope is to help clients navigate their path toward personal growth and self-awareness. We work diligently to assist you in revealing your innate strengths and fostering resilience to overcome life’s obstacles.

Inclusivity & Diversity

We are dedicated to embracing the distinct qualities of every individual, and strive to learn how their background, beliefs, and experience shape their identity. Our practice fosters an inclusive atmosphere that values and respects all viewpoints.

Our Philosophy


At Holding Hope, you get the power of 10 minds in 1. Our New York City counselors participate in individual and group supervision every week, collaborating as a team on cases to ensure every client receives the quality of care they deserve.


We practice what we preach by attending therapy in New York City ourselves. Behind the scenes, we’re hard at work becoming the best versions of ourselves to better serve our clients and our community. 


Our therapists actively pursue advanced training and certifications, constantly learning and expanding their knowledge base to provide evidence-based and relevant care.


Holding Hope fosters a healthy and collaborative workplace culture, promoting self-care, shorter work weeks, and ample time off. This ensures our therapists are present, focused, and ready to help you tackle your biggest challenges.

Our NYC Therapy Team

At Holding Hope, our team goes beyond being world-class experts in counseling; we are compassionate, attuned, and dedicated to fostering a warm, collaborative, family-like atmosphere. United by our belief in the power of unity and family, we strive to create a truly remarkable experience for all our clients. We invite you to get to know our talented team and discover how we can support you on your journey towards healing and growth.

Mara Hirschfeld, LMFT

Certified EFT Couples Therapist
IFS Trauma Therapist

Melissa Pennica, LMFT

Certified Sex Therapist
LGBTQ+ and Non-monogomy

Nicole D. R. Diaz, LMFT

EFT Couples Therapist
Grief & Loss Counseling

Brittani Ulloa, LMFT

EFT Couples Therapist
EMDR Trauma Therapist

Kate McConnell, LMFT

EFT Couples Therapist
Perinatal/Postpartum Counseling

Allise Galeano, LMFT

EFT Couples Therapist
Sex Therapist

Kerri Chiaravalle, LMFT

EFT Couples Therapist
LGBTQ+ and Sexuality

Caitlin Grasson, LMFT

EFT Couples Therapist
Somatic Trauma Therapist

Dana Blackwood, MFT

EFT Couples Therapist
Premarital Counseling

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