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Mara Hirschfeld, the founder of Holding Hope MFT, shows a friendly and welcoming smile in her headshot, embodying the warmth and dedication of a seasoned couples therapist.

Discover strength in vulnerability

“In my practice, I’ve seen time and again that when individuals embrace their vulnerabilities, they not only illuminate the deepest parts of their true self, but also pave the way for profound healing, personal growth, and the forging of genuine connections with others.”

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Mara’s Approach To Therapy

My passion for therapy has always been fueled by a deep belief in the healing power of empathy and vulnerability. I founded Holding Hope as a safe space to seek therapy in New York City where individuals and couples can explore their inner worlds without fear of judgment or shame.

In my role as your therapist in NYC, I will walk alongside you through your narrative, shedding light on areas of your life that may need reflection. Together, we’ll work on untangling negative patterns, aiming to build a stronger connection to yourself and those closest to you.

With a distinct passion for nurturing relationships, my approach is filled with optimism and positive energy, striving to foster hope and assist you in achieving your therapeutic goals. Taking the step toward therapy is a courageous stride towards a better future, and I am here to support you in exploring your past, understanding your present, and envisioning a brighter future. I look forward to embarking on this therapeutic journey with you in New York City, nurturing hope, healing, and growth and feel honored to bear witness to your story.

From those I’ve worked with…

I reached out to Mara when I was at a really low point – the kind of place where it’s difficult to ask for help from existing friends and family, let alone talk to a new therapist about what’s going on with you. I dropped Mara into the middle of the story during our introduction call (totally in tears, which would normally feel a little embarrassing for a first-time conversation), and she immediately put me at ease, and made me feel seen, understood, and empathized with.

For years I struggled trying to find the “right” therapist. After my first session with Mara – I knew it would be different. It truly felt like talking to a knowledgeable but curious close friend. A friend who was completely and totally invested in my growth and emotional healing. Since beginning my sessions with Mara four years ago, I have felt less alone. I know Mara cares about me, as a whole person – not just her patient, and that has truly been a game changer in my path to healing and self-acceptance.

When I first met Mara, I immediately felt comfortable and at ease during what was a very tumultuous time in my life. Over the past few years, she has guided me on a productive and exploratory journey that has deeply affected the way I approach my life on a daily basis. Mara also helped me to fully understand the true value of therapy — in my own life and the lives of others.

I’ve been seeing Mara for nearly 4 years. I’d never gone to a therapist before, and was skeptical and a little nervous at first. I’ve found Mara to be incredibly open and honest, insightful, and above all else- compassionate. She’s helped me to not only confront the challenges I was facing, but also to understand myself better. I look forward to our sessions every week, and now I trust Mara as much as I trust the people closest to me. I couldn’t ask for a better therapist.

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