Clinical Supervisor
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
LGBTQ+ and Non-monogomy

Melissa Pennica, LMFT, a couples and sex therapist in NYC, in a headshot that highlights her warm and non-judgmental approach.

Embrace Authenticity in Your Relationships

“In my journey as a therapist, I’ve learned that the most profound connections are formed when we embrace our true selves. My role is to guide you through the intricacies of relationships, sexuality, and personal identity, in a space where every aspect of your being is acknowledged, respected, and celebrated.”

Meet Melissa Pennica: Marriage and Family Therapist at Holding Hope
Melissa Pennica, a skilled couples and sex therapist in NYC, pictured in her welcoming therapy office, creating a supportive environment.

Melissa’s Approach To Therapy

As a relational therapist, I strive to create a safe and nonjudgmental space for my clients, emphasizing the importance of a collaborative and empathetic therapeutic journey. I specialize in navigating the complexities of relationships and sexuality, using an attachment-focused lens to help individuals, couples, and partners understand and transform their dynamics. This process is aimed at enhancing connection, intimacy, and understanding in relationships, whether it’s addressing sexual intimacy issues, affair recovery, or exploring new relational structures.

With a strong commitment to inclusivity, my approach is particularly affirming for LGBTQIA+, non-binary, and queer clients, and I believe strongly in the power of being seen for who you truly are. My advanced certification in sex therapy, coupled with my marriage and family therapy degree, equips me to handle a wide range of sexual concerns and relationship structures, tailoring my support to each client’s unique journey. I value the trust my clients place in me, considering it a privilege to guide them toward healing, self-discovery, and growth.

From those I’ve worked with…

My now-wife and I began seeing Melissa in Fall 2019 after a vacation with friends went poorly. Since then Melissa has been a tremendous help to our relationship – she’s given us the tools to defuse future issues before they happen, she gives us a space in which we’ll both be recognized and treated fairly, and when issues do happen, she helps us walk through them to identify where we got lost. Having this toolkit and knowing we can deal with these issues made both of us more confident in the future success of our relationship together, and also means situations that previously may have led to a fight we’re able to identify and resolve it far more peacefully.

I am eternally grateful that I have had the privilege to work with Melissa for the better part of three years. She has helped me grow and change my behavior in ways I thought were impossible due to deep rooted bad habits and some role models that haven’t been so positive. I sincerely recommend her guidance and friendship to anyone- but get ready for some deep (and sometimes difficult) introspection!

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