Ruiz Diaz

Clinical Supervisor
EFT Couples Therapist
Grief & Loss Counseling

Nicole Dieterich Ruiz Diaz, a compassionate couples therapist, portrayed in a professional setting, exuding warmth and expertise.

Embrace Healing, Embrace Growth

“Each day brings with it the promise of new strength and fresh perspectives. In our work together, I am dedicated to supporting you as you journey inward, dismantle barriers, and expand your horizons to reveal and embrace your most authentic self.”

Meet Nicole Dieterich Ruiz Diaz: Marriage and Family Therapist at Holding Hope
Nicole Dieterich Ruiz Diaz sits in her therapy office, her professional attire and warm smile welcoming you to a space of healing and discovery.

Nicole’s Approach To Therapy

As a therapist, my philosophy is rooted in the power of human connection and the profound resilience that lies within each of us. I’ve dedicated my career to providing a holistic and compassionate approach to therapy, blending my knowledge in neuroscience with the healing potential of emotional connection. My work is centered on fostering a therapeutic relationship built on trust, empathy, and acceptance—essential foundations for a safe space where you can be authentically you.

With a specialization in grief and loss and as an EFT Couples Therapist, I strive to help you understand and navigate your emotions, unburden past traumas, and transform your relationships into sources of strength and fulfillment. I take a systemic approach, looking at the interconnectedness of your life experiences, and work with you to identify and change intergenerational patterns that may be influencing your current path.

My practice extends to supporting couples dealing with relationship ruptures such as betrayals and infidelity and am passionate about working with couples from all walks of life including different cultural identities. I also have experience focusing on the impact of chronic or terminal illness, integrating care that considers all aspects of your well-being—biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. I am here to guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships, helping you break free from negative cycles and embrace the growth and healing that each new day holds.

From those I’ve worked with…

I started family therapy with Holding Hope in May at the suggestion of my daughter. I was reluctant at first because I had never been consistent with counseling before and it can be uncomfortable to express painful emotions and listen to how others feel about you. As the sessions continue, I look forward to them and feel unburdened and emotionally free because the issues are being addressed and new insights and healing are coming to light. Our therapist Nicole is kind, experienced, and insightful.

Nicole is empathetic, professional, kind, and I really can’t say enough positive things about her and our sessions – she picked up my story right in the middle, right when I was trying to cope with and understand something that was actively painful and stressful and ongoing. She lets me take sessions at my own pace, asks useful and insightful questions, and makes me feel very comfortable showing up to session in whatever state I am in, and lets me lead the dance of whatever I need on that specific day.

Working with Nicole has given me a greater understanding of myself and my thought process. Our conversations have created clarity around emotions and experiences I’ve struggled to comprehend. I am proud of the work I’ve done with Nicole and am grateful for her patience, compassion and support.

Nicole is kind, warm, and working with her has been a great experience. I started
therapy to strengthen my relationship with my mom. I could feel Nicole’s sincerity and patience as we continue to open up about parts of our relationship that are not always easy to acknowledge. After only a few months, I’m feeling more confident in my mom’s and my ability to work through difficult issues together, whenever they may come up in the future.

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