EFT Couples Therapist
EMDR Trauma Therapist

Brittani Ulloa, a dedicated and compassionate Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, radiates warmth and confidence.

Foster Resilience In Healing

“Embracing our vulnerabilities opens the door to resilience, and in our work together, we will foster this strength within your healing journey. I stand beside you as both guide and partner, illuminating the path toward profound personal growth.”

Meet Brittani Ulloa: Marriage and Family Therapist at Holding Hope
Brittani Ulloa in her New York City office, where she practices EFT couples therapy and EMDR therapy.

Brittani’s Approach To Therapy

In my office, I cultivate a sanctuary where safety and understanding are paramount. My approach is deeply rooted in the belief that each person’s story is a unique tapestry woven from a myriad of experiences. I am here to collaborate with you, employing a relational and systems-based perspective to uncover the most effective path forward. Whether we’re engaging in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems therapy, or navigating the healing process of EMDR for trauma, my commitment is to tailor our sessions to your individual journey.

Recognizing you as the master of your narrative, I see my role as a facilitator of change, helping you to harness your inherent strengths. I pay close attention to the patterns that shape your world, understanding you not just as an individual, but as a part of the larger web of your relationships and experiences. Together, we will work towards making lasting changes that align with your goals, all while building a foundation of trust and empathy that allows for genuine, long-lasting change.

With an active, empathetic, and non-judgmental style, our therapeutic relationship will be a partnership in the truest sense. It’s a space where learning, understanding, and positive change can flourish. Let’s embark on this healing journey, fostering resilience and embracing the transformation that leads to a more fulfilled life.

From those I’ve worked with…

After months of searching for the right fit with a therapist, I could not have been luckier to meet Brittani. She has patiently guided me through a very difficult, transitional year, and has given me confidence in my ability to navigate the future. Brittani is professional, kind, and always takes an open-minded approach to our sessions. I am so grateful to work with her.

Initially, my husband and I were both a little hesitant to bring up our issues to a “stranger”. But all I can say is we have been so blessed to have found Brittani when we started our search for a therapist. She has made this whole process a comfortable experience; so much so we look forward to our sessions with Brittani. After working with Brittani for over 2 years she has continuously treated us both with respect, kindness, and compassion. I would highly recommend Brittani for any couple seeking advice or support.

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