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Kate McConnell, an experienced and empathetic Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, poses with a genuine, approachable smile, signaling her dedication to providing holistic and systemic therapy.

Transform pain into purpose

“I believe in the healing power of relationships and the profound impact of our environments on personal well-being. Together, we will uncover the patterns that hold you back and cultivate the changes that propel you forward.”

Meet Kate McConnell: Marriage and Family Therapist at Holding Hope
Kate McConnell, a thoughtful and skilled Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, sits comfortably in her inviting therapy space, her friendly expression and casual elegance creating a sense of welcome and professionalism.

Kate’s Approach To Therapy

As a therapist, my approach is to see you wholly, recognizing that your individual experiences are deeply interconnected with your relationships and environment. My goal is to work with you to identify and resolve the patterns that may be causing distress in your life, fostering healthier and more supportive dynamics. With a background in corporate America and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I bring a diverse perspective to our sessions, combining professional insight with a deep understanding of relational systems.

Whether we’re addressing family separation, navigating relationship challenges, or supporting you through significant life transitions like marriage, parenting, and postpartum adjustments, I am here to offer a safe and nurturing space. My work is fueled by a passion for helping you find your path to greater health and happiness. Together, we will explore your challenges, celebrate your strengths, and develop strategies for a more fulfilling life.

From those I’ve worked with…

After a number of external life events introduced a lot of stress into our young relationship, my fiancée and I came to Holding Hope for support. Our therapist, Kate, helped us understand — and disrupt — our negative cycles, challenging us to identify our patterns and prompting us to ask for ourselves how we might change them. Her gift was in making both partners feel understood as individuals, building a foundation of trust from which we were able to do real work on ourselves and our relationship.

Kate has been an incredible support system for me over the last year. Having been in therapy prior to choosing Holding Hope, I see a marked difference in Kate’s approach. Typically, I’ll come to my sessions in a jumble of preoccupying thoughts and anxiety; and somehow within that hour, she helps me parse out the noise and focus on what is actually going on. I feel seen, heard, and most importantly, supported. It never comes from a place of judgement, rather, a place of compassion where I don’t feel so alone.

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