Kerriann Chiaravalle

EFT Couples Therapist
LGBTQ+ and Sexuality

Kerriann Chiaravalle, LMFT, displays a warm and engaging smile in her professional headshot, reflecting her compassionate approach as a therapist specializing in LGBTQ+ identity, couples communication, and personal growth.

You are not alone in this journey

“Therapy is our shared space to safely delve into the unique qualities that make you, you. Let’s explore together, uncovering the special parts of your identity and fostering a deeper understanding of your place in the world.”

Meet Kerri Chiaravalle: Marriage and Family Therapist at Holding Hope
Kerriann Chiaravalle, LMFT, EFT Couples Therapist specializing in LGBTQ+ and Sexuality in NYC, in her office with a welcoming smile.

Kerri’s Approach To Therapy

As a therapist, my philosophy is grounded in the power of open exploration within the safety of our therapeutic space. I specialize in guiding individuals and couples through the intricacies of communication and relational distress, supporting the LGBTQ+ community in their journey of acceptance and identity, and navigating the ebbs and flows of life’s many transitions.

My approach is to consider you within the context of the systems you inhabit, from your family to your workplace, and beyond. This perspective aims to foster new insights and understanding, enhancing connections to others and deepening self-compassion. My ability to quickly build rapport is at the heart of my practice, helping you feel recognized and validated in your truest self.

Creating an inclusive and non-judgmental environment is essential for me. It’s a place where you can explore all emotions and experiences freely, with unconditional support and hope. I am here to empower you to reach the goals that you aspire to achieve. Every step of our journey together is a step towards the positive change you deserve, and it’s a genuine joy for me to witness and facilitate your progress.

From those I’ve worked with…

Starting therapy with Kerri was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my mental health. As someone navigating the complexities of identity and self-acceptance, Kerri’s empathetic and knowledgeable approach was a breath of fresh air. She created a space where I felt completely safe and validated in exploring the facets of my identity. Her ability to connect and understand the unique challenges I faced, including anxiety and self-esteem issues, has been so helpful in my journey towards acceptance. I am incredibly grateful for her unwavering support and would recommend her to anyone seeking a compassionate and skilled therapist.

Working with Kerri has been a transformative experience for our relationship. As a couple facing serious communication issues, we found Kerri to be a therapist who genuinely understood and addressed our needs. Her insightful guidance through our life transitions and her expertise in fostering open, honest communication have been amazing. Kerri is truly an exceptional therapist, and any couple would be fortunate to have her guidance.

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