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Discover a space of healing and growth for your marriage, guided by one of the top marriage counselors in New York City at Holding Hope. We invite you and your partner into a space of vulnerability, where empathy and compassion pave the way for renewed trust, closeness, and a deeper connection.

couple seeking marriage counseling services in New York City.
Mara Hirschfeld, certified couples therapist and founder of Holding Hope MFT, in her therapy office.

Leading The Way In NYC Marriage Counseling

Hi, I’m Mara Hirschfeld, founder of Holding Hope. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to find the right marriage therapist in New York City, especially one who can connect with the unique story each couple brings. At Holding Hope, we’re not just experts in marriage counseling; we’re passionate about understanding the distinct narrative of your relationship and its patterns and cycles.

Work with us for a journey that honors your marriage’s specific needs, which will lead to lasting, meaningful change and the start of a renewed, stronger relationship.

The MFT Difference: Why It Matters for Your Marriage

Every therapist at Holding Hope is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). As MFTs, we bring a unique approach to marriage counseling in NYC. Here’s why our specialized training translates to better results for your marriage:

  • Deeper Understanding of Couple Dynamics in Marriage: As specialized marriage therapists, we are trained to see beyond individual behaviors, uncovering how patterns, communication styles, and even family history impact your marriage. This leads to solutions tailored for your relationships unique circumstances
  • Effective Communication Strategies: Communication breakdown is often the root of many marital issues. As marriage therapy specialists, we are experts in teaching effective communication techniques, enabling you and your partner to break through misunderstandings, express your needs clearly, and strengthen your marriage.
  • Proven Interventions: Our marriage counseling services in New York City are built on a foundation of research-backed interventions that have been shown to improve relationship satisfaction and resilience. As MFTs, we are equipped with advanced training in marriage therapy techniques. Several of our marriage counselors have also completed an advanced certification in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, which is one of the most effective therapeutic models used by marriage counselors in New York City.
  • Experience You Can Trust: As MFTs, we have a broad understanding of the unique difficulties couples face, and we’re equipped to guide you through any challenge you might be facing in your marriage.
  • Tailored Approaches to Marriage Counseling: In New York City, where life moves fast and pressures mount, our MFTs utilize systemic therapeutic approaches. This isn’t one-size-fits-all counseling. It’s personalized care that sees and addresses your relationship within its unique ecosystem—your family, work life, cultural background, and the specific challenges you face as a couple in NYC.

Why Choose Us for Marriage Counseling in NYC?

Finding the right support for your marriage can feel overwhelming. At Holding Hope MFT, we stand out as the premier choice for marriage counseling in New York City for several reasons: 

Expertise in Marriage Counseling

We are specialists in the field of marriage counseling, continuously advancing our knowledge through ongoing education to best help the heart of your marital challenges.

Collaborative Team Approach

Our therapists work together in weekly individual and group supervision, ensuring you get the benefit of our collective experience.

Compassionate and Results-Driven

We balance empathy with effectiveness, creating a supportive environment that acknowledges the complexities of your marriage, while achieving tangible improvements and lasting change.

Solutions that Work

Harnessing evidence-based practices, we offer guidance that is genuinely tailored to meet the unique challenges and dynamics of your marriage.

Guidance Beyond Marriage Counseling

We offer you support at any stage of your relationship, helping you overcome a range of obstacles such as:

For couples who are dating or engaged, please visit our pages on general couples counseling and premarital counseling in NYC to learn more about our approach to therapy at these distinct relationship stages.

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I personally ensure that every initial step at Holding Hope is as meaningful as the therapy itself. That’s why I take every initial consultation call myself. This is more than just a routine call; it’s a vital first touchpoint where I get to understand the unique dynamics of your marriage and you get a feel for the personal, attentive care that defines our practice.

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